Santorini Transport - Duncan Single Deck Cattle Tri Axle Pig Trailer

Model: Duncan Single Deck Cattle Pig Trailer

Owner: Santorini Transport

Location: Phillip Island, VIC

Axles & Suspension: BPW Ecoplus Axles, Airbag Suspension & EBS Program

Tyres & Rims: Dunlop SP430 11R 22.5 tyres, Alcoa LVL1 10/285 Rims

Colour: Navy Blue with Black Underbody

Special features:

• Tri Axle 24ft Pig Trailer

• Floating drawbar with sliding box for stock load through

• 5.0mm hi tensile aluminium sheeting on sides

• Aluminium catwalk with access from external ladders

• 3/4 foldaway cattle gate for big penning

• Automatic return to ride raise/lower valve

• Aluminium effluent tanks left side front and rear