Duncan Tray Body Stockcrates are fully custom built to individual customer specifications. As stock carriers and graziers, our individual customers are fully aware of what they require for each of their individual circumstances. Our Tray Body Stockcrates, while completely custom, are still engineered in line with our core construction standards: safe and efficient non-bruise livestock transport, constructed using Australian 1st grade steel, to meet the needs of our customers.

We have a range of tray body stockcrates available, including:

        -2x1 Convertible Stockcrates (2 decks Sheep / Pigs / Goats, or 1 Deck Cattle)

        -Single Deck Stockcrates (1 deck Cattle / Horses)

        -Module Units (All in One Body and Crate for Full Time Livestock Carriers)

Whatever livestock you intend to transport, we have the solution for you. Our crates can be designed to suit both rigid bodies or cambered flat top trailers alike.

Please contact us to discuss a custom build to your requirements & a free quote
Tel: 02 6852 3708